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Maintain healthy skin and hair with fresh cells from 5 fruits and vegetables from FC5 everyday basics designed for everyone.

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New Year New You Skin Care Guide

30 Days to Healthy-Looking Skin

Healthy, beautiful skin isn’t an accident — it’s a result of understanding your skin type and creating a skincare regimen to meet your needs. Your Arbonne Independent Consultant can help you personalize a regimen for healthy-looking, beautiful skin and overall wellness.
Use this tool to help you determine your skin type and choose products suited to your skin needs.
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Key Ingredients and Benefits

The science behind Fresh Cell Technology

  • Fresh cells remain intact, pure and potent while encapsulated.
  • With each application, the encapsulated fresh cells “burst” and deliver fresh, skin-hydrating benefits.
  • The result is healthier-looking, more radiant and perfectly balanced skin.

Matte Fresh Complex softens, cools and conditions oily/combination skin

  • Matte Fresh Complex: mallow extract, melissa extract, watercress extract and ivy leaf extract

Moisture Fresh Complex softens, cools and conditions normal/dry skin

  • Moisture Fresh Complex: cucumberextract, birch leaf extract, watercress extract, clover blossom extract and St. John’s wort extract

Ingredient Policy

Arbonne develops world-class products with botanicals and cutting-edge science. Our mission is to always improve and evaluate our ingredient policy as an ever-evolving standard of excellence, continuously challenging ourselves to do better and better.

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