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Welcome to my website! My name is Birgitte Hunt. Aside from being married to the love of my life, Jason, and being a mom to our two kids, Emma & Christian, there are really only three other things you should know about me, which explain why I love Arbonne so much and had to become a Consultant:

1) I'm a huge "foodie"
2) I like to chew the food I eat
3) I don't like to work out

In October 2014 when Arbonne's Clean Eating Program was suggested to me by a friend as a way to get in shape and lose weight, I said "No, thanks!" and didn't even bother trying the Tea she gave me. I was sure I knew everything there is to know about 'detoxing' and weight loss. To me 'detoxing' meant drinking Cayenne Pepper and Honey Lemon Water for weeks, and I was sure the only way to lose weight and get in shape was to count calories, and exercise MANY hours daily. Boy, was I wrong about everything!


In July 2015, after having lost 25 lbs. (and gaining most of them back) the ‘conventional’ way I finally decided to give Arbonne’s 28-day Clean Eating Challenge a try. My results were so incredible, I had to share with others! My sleep, anxiety, moods, “brain fog”…all improved by leaps and bounds. I lost 11 lbs .during the first 28 days and another 11 lbs. in the following couple of months. And I did that without exercising (aside from the evening walk around the block with the dog) and without counting calories, and while eating AMAZING food!! I learned that you don’t have to lose weight to get healthy - if you get healthy, the weight takes care of itself.


How I Can Help You

I walk clients through Arbonne’s 28-day Clean Eating program by providing 1:1 coaching, daily support with nutrition, meal planning, and recipes. Through our 28-day Clean Eating program, I also teach clients how to balance sugar and pH levels. I recommend products that suit their individual needs. I teach clients about health and wellness, and how their lives can be free from on-going ailments and issues that occur due to years of unhealthy products ingested in their bodies. Rid your body of these harmful ingredients, and you WILL lose weight and inches, even without exercise! Not only do clients lose weight and inches, they GAIN energy and health.

Arbonne nutritional products are ALL Pure, Safe and Beneficial. Arbonne products are Swiss formulated, yet produced in the United States. Swiss-formulated means Arbonne adheres to rigorous regulations; there are over 1300 banned ingredients in Europe, as opposed to ELEVEN in the U.S. Arbonne products are Vegan Certified, free from dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, artificial colors/sweeteners/flavors and dyes.


Let me know if you'd like more information, and I'd be more than happy to help you.



Birgitte Hunt

Area Manager

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