Jennifer Estens Consultant Independent Consultant
Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan,
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My arbonne story.
I had heard of arbonne a few years back before I turned 20 off an old colleague, and didn’t hear much of it until I was pregnant with my son. I was so delved into my work that I rarely had time to think about myself- and I didn’t make the time. After a fairly nasty mental breakdown early in my pregnancy, my dad would walk me 6kms a day and talk about my goals and what I wanted in life, and to be honest, I had no idea, and all I was thinking about was the tiny baby growing inside of me. Dad sat me down, and said to me “Jen, take it from me, you have to find something for YOU when your baby arrives”. Fast forward 5-6 months while I worked up until I was 31 weeks. I was having braxton hicks and was just generally cranky and uncomfortable- as it is with pregnancy 😂
Long story short, I went into pre term labour at 32 weeks and was flown to John hunter. I then gave birth to Joshua by emergency c-section at 01:58am on Wednesday the 8th of May. My great grandmothers birthday of all days...
My little bundle was in a plastic humidi-crib. That was traumatic. We spent a week in John hunter while I healed up and he just grew, and we then came home. With much less of an income and bills for MILES (came home to a $600+ rates notice and my car registration.. plus everything on top)
We spent a month in the SCN in Tamworth, where all I would do would sit and watch this baby, pump milk, tube feed and cry. I had to be reminded constantly to eat, drink and sleep.. and as horrible as this sounds, I lost myself big time.
I got joshy home and I was lost... so so lost.. I thought I would have time to figure myself out.. hearing my dads words ringing in my ears..

One morning at 4am with a sleeping 1 month old, while sitting on a breast pump, I thought I would give arbonne a look, all thanks to a friend I met through my husband. I signed up that night.

Arbonne has given me a purpose, and has taught me so much about myself. I’m still working my full time job, but it’s nice to come home and continue to work but doing something totally different.

I’m a shy person by nature. And this opportunity has brought me out of my shell to the point where people are noticing the confidence shift. And I’m feeling it too!

I just want people to experience the joy and happiness I experience every day through arbonne.. it is the best thing that has happened to me, and I wish I started this journey much earlier - but it came along at the best time

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