Sarah Khan District Manager Independent Consultant
"I started my Arbonne business for me to be a work from home mom and to give me the time to work around my mental health challenges... I can never express this with enough conviction, but I believe Arbonne saved my life."
My background is in marketing, communications and event planning. I was really, really good at it, so I thought I loved it. But I realized that I really disliked others being in charge of my time, and how much money I could make. And, priorities change over time, so I confirmed to myself that it was more important for me to be a stay at home mom. And if I have to be honest, I’ve always struggled with mental health challenges... I didn't know if I could handle going back to work, being away from my babies, worrying all the time AND 'dealing' with my mental health struggles. Or more specifically, how to hide it.
I loved working hard, and I needed to feel useful and contribute to the household finances, but I was done working hard for someone else. I started my Arbonne business for me to be a work from home mom and to give me the time to work around my mental health challenges. I love Arbonne and its products, but what I am passionate about is sharing how the business could transform peoples lives. It's jokingly said that Arbonne is a personal growth company disguised as a network marketing company, but it is ABSOLUTELY true. I can never express this with enough conviction, but I believe Arbonne saved my life.
What does my everyday look like otherwise? I have two crazy little boys, one with special needs (diagnosis of being on the spectrum pending). I love animals and find healing with having pets. I love food, and would rather eat a bite of a a gazillion things than a huge feast of one particular item (although, sushi is something I could eat a ton of). I'm first generation Canadian, and love to cook Indian food and show others how to legitimately do that too (and have a hobby business for that very purpose).
I always wanted to be a singer because of 'Jem and the Holograms', but I am happy doing karaoke, where it is okay to not actually be a good singer. My parents, who divorced when I was seven, both struggle with health problems, and as an only child, I will never turn a blind eye to what they are going through as it could happen to me too. I love the healthy living program through my biz, as it helped me personally get off some medications that I thought were part of my life. It also helped me sleep better, have more energy and gave me the strength to get out of bed on the days that the mental health challenges tried to keep me down.
I am thankful for my sponsor for introducing me into Arbonne, even though she gave up her consultant ID. Everyday I am grateful that I have invested in myself, have been given an outlet to 'adult' away from kids, even though they are a big reason why I do this business. There is no other culture like Arbonne's and I feel blessed that I have found my family with these amazing, kind people around me. And I am so excited that I get to pay this gift forward and inspire others to help others change their lives for the better!
Follow me on my blog for more information on how I navigate life and my business around the importance of taking care of me and my mental health challenges.

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