Allison Pelissier Consultant Independent Consultant
Just a little about me! My name is Allie; I am a pediatric registered nurse in Manchester NH where I live with my husband Josh, my 5 year old son Easton and soon to be daughter! I started my own business with Arbonne in September of 2014.I was first introduced to Arbonne about 8 years ago when a friend went to an Arbonne party and brought me back a bronzer! I was obsessed. I loved this product and it lasted me a year! When it was gone I wasn’t sure how to re-order the product so I went back to the bronzer I used to use from good old CVS. It wasn’t until my college roommate Amy invited me an Arbonne party three years ago. I was so excited because I wanted my bronzer back! I was shocked and surprised at all of the products that were displayed and loved all the products that we tried (anti-aging). I was hooked; I even ended up hosting a party and got lots of products for 80% off. Amy kept trying to get me to join the business, but I hated sales and did not have time for another job; I was working, in school, and getting married; when would I find time to work this business into my already hectic life. Amy did not stop asking me to join; she continued to educate me about the business and products. She knew that I would love Arbonne and would be great at it. I kept telling her no, but she kept trying. After a trip to Jamaica in September 2014 I knew it was time to buckle down and get healthy! I was struggling to take off the baby weight and was getting depressed about it. I happened to have a play date with Amy and she said “ I have the perfect thing for you” Amy then introduced me to the 28 day detox challenge and told me how is changed her life. I decided to buy the wellness products and do the challenge although I had no idea how I would give up my favorite foods for 28 days! 28 days later and 12 lbs thinner I was even more in love with Arbonne than I was before. I knew I loved the skin care, body care, baby line and cosmetics, but I had no idea how much I would obsess over the wellness line. I was able to lose weight that I couldn’t get off and my lab work showed levels I have never seen!!! I was also so passionate about the program and products that everyone around me wanted to know what I did to get healthy. I was selling products without even trying. Amy refused to let me miss out on commission and free products so she tried one last time to get me to join her team! I did and it was the greatest decision ever. I now make money and get free products just by talking and sharing. The products sell themselves; they don’t need me at all.

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