Angelica Gutierrez Exec Area Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (209) 607-9111
Welcome to my website. My name is Angelica Gutierrez and I am married, a mom of three beautiful kiddos, Patricia, Mariano and Marcelo. I also have a precious granddaughter and her name is Mia.
I joined Arbonne on November 30, 2014. My journey with Arbonne has been very transforming and rewarding for me personally.   My background has been as a court reporter.   I absolutely love what I do. BUT being a court reporter has been physically demanding on my body. I have always worried about my future, not knowing if my body would be able to hold up all the years I had left of court reporting. I would worry that I didn't know what I was going to do financially if my body couldn't hold up in the future. Plus, I was feeling like I wanted to do more with my life and I wanted to feel more fulfilled and pursue what I felt God was calling me to do. My dream has always been to do mission work and be a philanthropist. I felt that with court reporting that was not going to be possible because of the demands of my career and, financially, it was not something that was going to be feasible.
Not only has Arbonne been a blessing to my family financially, but it has also given me so much hope for my future and my family's future.   I'm excited for all the possibilities that are in store for us because of Arbonne.   I am excited to be able to share this with the world and see how I can help give this phenomenal gift to others too.
I am very passionate about helping others and educating people to make healthier choices in the personal care products and coaching people to live a healthier life, all while teaching them to be proactive about building an incremental stream of income for their family. What I do is really simple, fun and rewarding. I educate people on using healthier products, live healthy and show them how to get their products at a discount and online. I also teach people how to turn the expenses they already have into an income. I love knowing that I am helping mothers and fathers be home with their kids all while earning an phenomenal income.
We carry Swiss anti-aging for women and men, cosmetics, baby care, acne treatment, detox spa, essential oils, hair and body care, nutritional supplements, vegan protein shakes, energy drinks and so much more.   They are all Pure, Safe and Beneficial.   They are all the best products you can find.   BUT the best product that we can offer you is the business opportunity.   I hope I can be of service to you and help you on a path to a better life.
Arbonne is all about family, lifestyle, quality of life and living healthy from the inside and out.    

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