Ann Girling Exec Area Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone 07787 568699
Welcome to the Arbonne website of Ann and Iain Girling. They are very proud to call themselves Independent Consultants with Arbonne. Let them share their story here.
Ann used to be a Health Visitor in the NHS but chose to leave in 2002. Among other things she trained as a Life Coach. She loved what she did and she loved helping people and making a difference in their lives and was never really looking for anything else. Iain came from a sales background and had been running his own business for over 20 years. He was more of an entrepreneur following in his grandfather's footsteps.
But in 2011 Ann and Iain's little grandson was born and Ann fell head over heels in love with him. However his Dad is in the American Services and they now live in the United States. They looked at their pension and realised that their financial situation was not going to allow regular visits to see their family. Something had to change!
They had heard of Arbonne but knew little about network marketing as it was not something they had ever planned to do. So Iain did a bit of research and they decided it was a real option for them to top up their income and create an asset income to allow themselves to enjoy retirement.   Now they absolutely love what they do. They love working their business as a partnership, choosing their working hours and having fun as well! Ann is able to use her skills as a nurse to help people let goals for their health and wellbeing and she can use her leadership and coaching skills to help her team grow their businesses. Iain is loving the personal development side of the business and is learning to be a great coach to the team.
"We both love using the products. We use the anti-ageing skin care range (RE9 women's and men's ranges) and the nutrition on a daily basis. We are confident that we look younger and feel healthier as a result. We have also been able to resolve weight issues using the products.
Our first product story came when our grandson was just a few months old and chewing his fist in the way babies do and making it sore. Ann was able to confidently advise her daughter to use the baby products on his skin because if he should continue to chew with the products on his fist he would suffer no harmful effects. The products worked for him.
As for our future, we are now able to feel excited about that rather than anxious. We know that will be able to visit their family wherever they are in the world and we can help make a difference in their lives too. Network Marketing is a profession that allows us to work as much or as little as we like so there is now time for their hobbies: walking, gardening and going to the places that we want to visit. We have also fulfilled a lifelong dream of buying a house in France and can work our business remotely from there. And, as our business grows, so we will be able to create a legacy for our family and give back to causes dear to our hearts."
Ann and Iain have built their business in 2 ways:
"Many of our friends have sampled the products at home and then bought the products at a discount for their personal use. To be rewarded with free products, Preferred Clients have invited their friends to product events, there products are showcased."
"We decided that after sampling the products we just wanted to build a part time business whilst continuing with our own businesses. As it has grown we have been able to retire from our other businesses and concentrate on building our Arbonne business. and we help others achieve their goals through starting their businesses"                        

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