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Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK my name is Caroline Towers and I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant.   When I started my Arbonne business I was a student and working 3 jobs part-time, now I am a business owner and blogger!


Since I was introduced to both Arbonne as a business and the amazing botanical, vegan and ethical products, my life has changed in a positive way.  

When my mum, Sandra Corcoran, shared with me she was starting an Arbonne business and asked me join her I said a big 'no way'.   I had little interest in products and to be honest I really didn't understand what she was offering me.   I soon realised my mum would only be starting a new business if it was a great opportunity.   I decided to take an indepth look into Arbonne as a business and once I saw the earning potential, the fact it was part-time and the travel opportunities I jumped straight in!  
Within a few months of starting my business I earnt a trip with Arbonne to the Bahamas and in less than a year another one to Phoenix, Arizona.   Every year I have attended Arbonne's Global Training Conference in Las Vegas - Travelling as part of my business is certainly a dream come true!  


Arbonne allows you to build a solid part-time, online, global business which you can grow around your other commitments.   When I started my Arbonne business I was finishing my degree at university and had 3 part-time jobs but I saw the potential income and opportunity which was on offer to me and I didn't want to miss out!   Since then I have been able to grow a business around a part-time job, build a lifestyle blog and live a happy and positive life - Something which was missing 4 years ago.

In 2015 Arbonne is celebrating 35 years of business.   It is a global company and currently   available in 5 countries, there are huge plans of further   expansion in the future.   Through this website you can place orders or join me and become my business partner if you are living in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or Poland.  


For me Arbonne's products have also been life changing for my health.   All products are made with the best of science and nature, they are   botanically based, vegan which means no animal testing or animal by-products and they are formulated without gluten, dairy and soy.  


As an asthmatic some of the nutrition products have helped me feel better on a daily basis and it's wonderful to not be breathing in nasty chemicals from aerosols when I use my deodorant and hairspray.   I also found when I began using Arbonne's sun protection whilst on holiday my heat rashes, which I had suffered with for years, didn't return.                                                          


What I love about growing my Arbonne business is I get to help people.   It's wonderful to be a coach and mentor to help others within my fabulous team grow their own businesses and I am passionate about helping people make a positive choice when it comes to their skincare, cosmetic and nutrition needs.   I love to teach people to read the labels on their products just like they do with their food.  

Within my team there are business owners, beauticians, engineers, dancers, make up artists, therapists, stay at home mum's and young professionals - People from all walks of life who are looking for more time or more money.   I am also focused on helping people start part-time businesses as I believe multiple income streams are so important to households today.


If you are a little bit intrigued I would love to speak with you to share more of my story!  

For more information on Arbonne, the culture, the business and the products you can search my website and/or email me at
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Caroline is an Arbonne Independent   Consultant based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.    


She began her working life in her family's bike shop and Caroline has always had an interest in health and fitness.   She has had a variety of work roles from working at a mortgage company to working in Social Services.   Aged 19 Caroline trained as a Personal Trainer, this included fitness training, massage and nutrition.   In 2011 she received her BA (hons) degree in Creative Writing and English Literature.   She continues to enjoy reading and writing creatively.   Caroline regularly speaks to groups about the importance of starting your own business to leveraging multiple income streams.


Caroline has been nominated twice at the Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards, in 2012 for Young Woman of the Year and 2013 for Business Woman of the Year.


In 2011 Caroline started her own Arbonne business and launched her lifestyle blog in Autumn 2013.  

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