Carrie Patterson Besler Area Manager Independent Consultant

I believe in Arbonne because Arbonne changed my life.
I’ve always had severe skin sensitivities and allergies, even as a young child. I was covered in
petroleum-based lotions and topical steroids for most of my life. After I had my second child,
my skin condition became much worse. I was a full-time physical therapist trying to take care of
a newborn and a toddler, and the skin on my hands was cracked and bleeding. I couldn’t do the
dishes, fold laundry, or buckle my children into their car seats. When I gave them baths, I had to
wear rubber gloves. When I touched them without rubber gloves, they would sometimes say,
“Mommy, your hands are scratchy.”
For years, I couldn’t bend my fingers without pain. I became allergic to lotions with petroleum,
so I couldn’t use mineral oil or topical steroids. Treatments that typically work for people with
similar symptoms didn’t work for me. The excruciating pain in my hands was one
of main reasons why I resigned from my job as a physical therapist.
Six months later, I had given up that something would help me when I went to an Arbonne presentation. I told
the Arbonne representative about the problems I had experienced, and she asked me to try
some samples. I was very skeptical because I had tried just about everything, but I decided to
give it a shot because the products didn’t have petroleum or parabens.
The change was dramatic. Within five days, I could bend my fingers without pain. My husband,
who was perpetually tired and frustrated by it, used the Arbonne 7-Day Cleanse and
protein shakes. He had more energy and less stress. Today, thanks in large part to Arbonne, we’ve discovered just how good our bodies were meant to feel, and we’re able to enjoy our lives and our three wonderful children.
As a physical therapist, I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness. That’s who I am.
Arbonne has opened my eyes to new ways to achieve health and wellness with products that
are natural, safe and effective. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss your specific
needs and goals, and recommend the right Arbonne products for you!
Being an Arbonne representative has also given me financial leverage and lifestyle flexibility
that I’ve never had before. If you’re looking for a career change or supplemental income, please
contact me to learn more about launching your own Arbonne business.

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