Catherine VanBuskirk Exec District Manager Independent Consultant

SURPRISE! There’s another way…

Did you ever wish you could close your eyes, dream of the life you really want, then open your eyes and see the path to that dream clearly? Well that is pretty much what happened to me through my discovery of Arbonne.

It all began when a good neighbor invited me to a get together. I pretty much attended to support her new local business. I merrily made my purchase that day, frowned a little bit at the business opportunity and started using my new products.

I ended up falling head over heels in love with RE9 facial system! My skin started to glow.

Zooming ahead I was again encouraged to open my own “Arbonne Store” and partner with one of my relatives this time, someone I am very close to, who was now a consultant. I thought she was a bit wonky to think I would really want to do this!

As a busy wife & mother of 3 boys with an established Interior Design Career I saw no need to start another business. For so many years my husband had provided very well for all of us as an independent business owner himself.

Then the economy hit and like so many others we were really struggling to make ends meet. In fact we were failing at doing “what had worked for us” so many years prior! We were looking for another way. Hmmmm….

So I listened to the business opportunity, but this time with an open mind about our industry. I understood the benefit of time leveraging this time, like a big, bright light turning on. I knew this could be another avenue for me since I was used to designing for others. I changed my mind and said “YES to Designing My Own Life”, launched a new career and started to grow as a person. I became a team member and learned how to lead my own team by people I truly respect and admire.

Eventually I switched my spend to Arbonne’s cosmetic line, and finally dove into Arbonne Essentials and lost 20 lbs with the 28 day clean eating challenge! My whole family has benefitted from this venture. A team of wonderful people emerged from the San Francisco East Bay, my original home. I saw so many changed lives as a result of my business of sharing Pure, Safe & Beneficial Products. So simple!

My business continues to expand after moving to the North Bay in Petaluma California. I am able to present to people around the globe, from my kitchen! This business has broadened my horizons, expanded my way of thinking and completely changed my life. We are building a means to retirement, world travel, to pay for college and save. The real beauty is helping “Design Others’ Lives” and the ripple effect is phenomenal!  

Remember, Arbonne has something for everyone. Maybe it’s the products, maybe it’s the business. Maybe you need a clear picture of another way & the timing is right for change. Contact me about your own potential with Arbonne so I can paint a picture just for you.

God bless you with many reasons to smile as he has me~ Catherine  

About Arbonne

Born in Switzerland and raised in sunny California, Arbonne has transformed lives through premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through our passionate Independent Consultants, with our prestige brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

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