Corey Morris-Foster Exec Area Manager Independent Consultant

Hello! My name is Corey Foster and I am so excited and blessed to share my story with you!   I am a native Michigander and happily married mom of 2. Here is a synopsis of my Arbonne journey so far. What began out of a pure love of products became a passion for sharing essential knowledge and loving others to grow into their best lives.  

April 2002 Arbonne found me for the first time. I say that because I certainly wasn't looking for new skincare, much less an opportunity. I was the classic "poor broke college student," working in a hospital part-time as a nursing assistant with raw, torn-up hands from the constant handwashing. Never in a million years did I think a hand cream would change my life!! My mom had a sample hand cream on her bathroom counter which I had tried, and it was the ONLY thing that had saved my hands since starting my hospital job! She told me my cousin was having an Arbonne party and asked if I wanted to go. I told her "if Arbonne's products are half as good as this hand cream, I am definitely interested!"

So began my journey...I loved the presentation I attended, hearing about Arbonne being Pure, Safe and Beneficial, being vegan and cruelty free, and used no mineral oil. My mom bought me a skincare set and I used it faithfully, slowly letting go of my longtime Clinique. Over time I stopped buying products from Clinique and Sephora, and kept shopping from my consultant. She offered me the business opportunity, like a good consultant does, and I turned her down repeatedly, like a misinformed student buying into the college-graduate-work 40 years-retire on 40% of what was never enough anyway-hamster wheel- does. Not knowing there is a better way and not knowing enough to look around and ask questions, this is how I began my adult professional life.

And then sometimes God has to bring things round several times for you to pay attention. So in 2005, I graduated from college, passed my RN boards, and started paying attention. I hated the fact that someone in an office somewhere who didn't know me or my work ethic got to determine what I got paid as a nurse. I hated that stronger protections and regulations do not exist in this country for skincare, makeup and nutrition--when we are slathering potentially hazardous ingredients on the largest unfiltered organ of our bodies, daily. And I hated the fact that coming out of college, having worked for so many years to obtain higher education, is almost expected to bring a mountain of student loan debt with it. Even more so now than 13 years ago, when I graduated!!

But I am eternally grateful to the people in my life that brought Arbonne to me when they did. I am grateful for using the absolute purest, safest and BEST products in the world and to be able to share them with others. I am incredibly overwhelmed that I have now grown my Arbonne income to MATCH my monthly RN income and that I CAN KEEP GROWING MY INCOME BY HELPING OTHERS!!! What an amazing concept!!! My success comes only from serving others and helping them grow!! I am so grateful every day for this incredible gift.

And I am overwhelmed by the personal growth that I've been able to do as a result of this company and the people in it!!! The reading, the learning, the education, affirmations, the health knowledge and scholarship, the nutrition education, the personal development and leadership--none of this exists anywhere else, on this level, ANYWHERE. To say that Arbonne is a personal growth company disguised as skincare is the truest understatement ever!!!  
These 16 years have been truly life-changing, formative ones for me, and every year I grow more and more ecstatic and overjoyed that I took the leap and chose to build an Arbonne business!!! We all have our own journey, I am honored to help you write yours if you see yourself in Arbonne!!

About Arbonne

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