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I am super excited to have you join in the Opportunity of a Lifetime. Arbonne has been such a positive experience in my life and I have had so much personal growth and development that I want to share this with all of you. You are here because someone thought of you and had the belief in you to do amazing things with your life. I truly believe that Arbonne will be that vehicle in your life to change the world in amazing ways.

My name is Diana Evans and I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and a full time Stay at home Mom and I own my own Illustration & Design Company.

A little about me….
As many people are taught , you go to School….you work hard….you get a job…you stay at that job….and never ever just dream….I left a career that I worked hard to get because becoming a Mom was all that mattered to me. I am a full time Artist and Illustrator and a stay at home Mom to our son Cole. It was my husband who told me to dream a little and do what I love because I would never ever get that chance again… he was right…so I did just that. I started my own Illustration and Design Firm and worked from home so I could be with our son all the time. It was the single most amazing decision I ever made and I was so grateful to my Husband for believing in me and for being the sole provider for our family till I got my Business up and running. It was a huge success. I have 7 published books out and now have several licensing contracts with companies that use my artwork on products. I even worked with NBC to create artwork for the sets of shows….how amazing was my life…..I was doing what I loved and never missed one waking moment with our son Cole. I worked with people all over the world without ever meeting them live. It was amazing to get work without leaving my home but I was missing something….a social something…so one day I responded to a post about someone wanting some help with their Business. This woman was Michelle Bultje who is the amazing woman who introduced me to Arbonne.

How was I introduced to Arbonne
In January of 2014 I started working for ERVP Michelle Bultje as her Assistant and Creative Director. She was the one who introduced me to Arbonne.

What did I think at the time?
When I first started working with Michelle I was intrigued. How could a woman who Network Markets Health, Wellness and Anti-Aging Products afford an Assistant and Creative Director? I was skeptical and needed more time to figure everything out….but I loved the social aspect of this work and loved being inspired by amazing leaders that were doing Arbonne.

What happened to get me started in the Business
It took me 4 months to join as a Consultant. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was inspired as I attended all the Region meetings. Hearing about everyone’s successes, and being around amazing women who empower each other and genuinely care for each other’s successes inspired me. It was also the fact that the products were amazing and the system worked….I was going to attend GTC with my Boss and thought why not dive in with both feet. So that is just what I did.

What were my fears and hesitations?
I thought the Business was beneath me….then I realized that it didn’t matter what everyone thought. It was all about doing what was right for me and my family. Arbonne was the right decision. Like many women were told before me…….” Do not let your ego cloud your judgment” So I dropped my ego at the door…and am proud of what I do….proud to help people and proud to represent a company with the same core values I believe in. I also have to say that I wasn’t educated enough on the whole network marketing career so I assumed it wasn’t something that would work. Boy was I wrong about that.

What was your turning point
Firstly, I was never ever going to go back to any job and secondly I was happy creating each and every day….but as an Artist you can never be 100 % sure of your next gig. Although I was successful I never knew how big my royalty cheques would be or what amazing opportunities would come my way. I needed a plan B that would afford me time with my family and more financial security to do the things I love to do. When I decided to leave my 6 figure income to pursue my dreams of being a stay at home Mom with my own Illustration and Design Company it was all because my Husband Brad believed in me. He told me to take a chance and do what I love and I will never forget his thoughtfulness and belief in me. My biggest why for doing Arbonne is my Husband Brad and our son Cole who have never stop believing in me. This will be my vehicle to give them the life and dreams that they deserve. It will also be a vehicle for me to change the world in small ways that will all add up to something big!

Where do I see myself and what has Arbonne already done for me
I truly can see myself as an Executive National Vice President with Arbonne. I know what is possible if you believe and you work hard. Arbonne has made it all possible with their dedication to their people and to their amazing products. The products sold me…so I know there are others that will want to use them too. I also know that I am lucky to have such an amazing up-line who are always there for me when I need some training and coaching. It has already made all the difference in the world. I also see a huge growth in my own personal development that is worth more than I can say. I am inspired each and every day and I am all in! no going back! This is it!

Get ready for the Journey of your Lives!!! I am super excited to help you all get there...

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