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Erin Kleopa District Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (443) 281-3746
My journey to Arbonne began in 2008 when my health considerably declined while taking a prescription for my problem skin. No 25-year-old should experience such significant pain and walk like a typical 90-year-old... How could I ever do any fun activities with my husband? Would this keep me from even holding my future children pain-free, let alone play with and take care of them? Were my passionate dreams of being a wife and mother marred forever due to my health?

My passion for holistic health and wellness ignited while on my path to get better. Along the way I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; not only did I learn about how to significantly improve my health and well-being through food and lifestyle choices, but the program unleashed my passion to teach others to take charge of their health so they can live long and to the fullest, enjoying every moment of their most precious relationships.   I founded my health coaching business,   New Life Wellness , in 2011 and am so fulfilled supporting young women and new moms to thrive in all of their many roles by achieving their goals for their overall health and well-being.  

Along my health journey, I learned about all the very bad things that plague our bodies and diminish our health over time. Aside from the food you eat, do you know that many of the chemicals in your skincare, makeup, body lotion, soap, and anything else you put on your skin are linked to various cancers, infertility, endocrine disruptors, hormonal imbalances, and more? Much of what touches your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. How were my face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, body wash, and makeup contributing to my ill-health...and future problems?

Then came Arbonne! I met Donna Brown in February 2012.   We connected at a vendor event when I curiously approached her Arbonne booth to inquire about this gluten free, botanically based health and wellness company (skincare, cosmetics and nutrition products) that claimed to be pure, safe and beneficial . The products were vegan, without animal ingredients and cruelty free, plus formulated in Switzerland to the highest of European standards.   This certainly sounded like what I was looking for! Being pregnant with my first child at the time, my motivation to find safe, health-supportive skincare was at a peak. For five months I sampled and read about the products. Donna consistently and patiently led me through my discovery of Arbonne's skin-changing products, health-changing mission, and life-changing financial opportunity. My cystic acne, which had plagued me as a teenager into adulthood, had disappeared and the scars were fading, too, even using the most basic skincare line! I signed on as an Independent Consultant one week before giving birth to my baby! Three months later I earned my first promotion to District Manager.
I attended Discover Arbonne meetings and Nations Meetings; it wasn't until I took the time to find out that I could truly see the power of this time-leveraging and residual income business opportunity and how it would change my family's life, achieving our hefty financial goals and building bigger dreams than we ever imagined. Now as a work-at-home mom with two young children, I am not only gifted with being present in my children's lives for every snuggle, sick day and milestone, but I'm committed to helping others get exactly what they want and deserve in their lives. I thank God that He put Arbonne on my path so I can be a lighthouse for those who need and want Arbonne, too!

Discover Arbonne for yourself. Be an advocate for your own health and well-being and help me teach others to do the same. Uncover and renew the gorgeous you, INSIDE and out! And when you realize, like me, that you must share Arbonne with those you care about, I will teach you exactly how to do that and get rewarded tremendously for sharing how the products and business can change their lives, too!
If you keep doing exactly what you're doing, where will you be 5 years from now, especially financially? If you want change, you have to step out and make a change.   Please email or call me at any time!

About Arbonne

Born in Switzerland and raised in sunny California, Arbonne has transformed lives through premium products, unparalleled leadership and a family-like community. Through our passionate Independent Consultants, with our prestige brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

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