Jennifer Hornbuckle Exec Regional VP Independent Consultant

Before Arbonne I was a mental health therapist for children.   I loved helping people and watching the children and parents find healing. I finally got pregnant after 11 years of marriage, and I wanted to be able to stay home with my baby, even though I loved my clients.

My mom lived in Florida and I lived in California and we wanted a way to be together. She could not leave her job to come out to be with her grandson. We prayed every day for God to show us a way to be together and for me to stay home with our kids.

My mom called me one day and said. "Jennifer! I found our way!" I was so excited! "What!" I shouted. "Arbonne!" She said with such passion! I was SO disappointed! "Mom, how are we supposed to be together by washing our face?" (I had used and loved Arbonne 10 years earlier because it healed my very troubled skin). She tried to explain that we could make money sharing the Arbonne products and business opportunity, which would allow her to come to California more often. She got me on a call with her upline. I told her, "I am not going to manipulate my friends into buying things".   I had many doubts and no faith so I could not hear what my mom was sharing with me. I also did not believe that I could earn a white Mercedes like the one on the VHS tape that I received in my starter kit 10 years prior. I put it in back of the closet saying, there is no way !

Disheartened that she had not actually found "our way", I went on with my life.

One day at one of my Mom's groups, a woman invited me to an Arbonne presentation and opportunity meeting. A light bulb went off in my mind that "maybe this could be our way". I told my dear friend, Sandra, at church about Arbonne, and she suggested we go to the Sojourners event in February 2007. We went, and we prayed that God would make it obvious if we should do Arbonne. After Cecilia Stoll's talk it was very clear that I should do Arbonne. I'll never forget that day as long as I live. I sat weeping- knowing that I was full of fears, doubt, worry and anxiety. I was pregnant with my second baby at that time, and I thought, "my boys will become who I am - not what I say". I must do this business because it will transform me into a person who steps out in faith, pushes past her fears, goes out in courage and believes the impossible is possible. I made a decision that day to do Arbonne no matter what.  

Boy was I put to the test! My mom and I were having fun doing Arbonne together! Everyday she called me, "Hello my National Vice President!" One day I asked her, "Do you really think I can be an NVP?" She replied, "No, I know you are an NVP! I already saw you on that stage." And then, on March 1, 2008, an ER doctor in Florida called me and said that my mother was in a coma due to a brain aneurysm. I immediately flew to Florida and tragically my mother passed away March 8, 2008. I was in indescribable pain.   We had a beautiful service for my sweet beloved mother and then my husband and I drove to NTC in Atlanta with our 6 month old baby.   One of the speakers shared, "you may lose what is most dear to you, but you never have to lose your dream."   I left that NTC resolved to borrow my mother's faith and become the person I wanted to be for my boys.   I borrowed half of my mustard seed of faith from my mother, and the other half from my husband who urged me daily that becoming an Arbonne RVP was simply "a matter of time".     I clung to this mustard seed of faith through the pain of losing my mother, the severe illness of my son, financial challenges brought on by a decline in my husband's business and the need to move out of our home.

I am so grateful for Arbonne. Even though we have the most amazing products, Arbonne is so much more than that! It is a family of people who love and support each other. It is a catalyst to transform us into all that we hope and dream we can become: strong, courageous, serving and full of faith and integrity. It is simply in one word- a Gift.   Continue to persevere sharing this gift with everyone you meet, keep sharing no matter what and you will see your vision become your reality.


About Arbonne

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