Your Independent Consultant:
Josie Romeo Regional VP Independent Consultant
I joined Arbonne as an Independent Consultant in 2009. I did this at my very 1st introduction to Arbonne. At a Presentation and a little cautious to be honest to even try. We've all been promised that this cream will do this and another one will do that, when in actual fact neither of them did much at all. The truth was that my skin who'd reached it's 40's needed help. I was timid to splash water so as not to ruin my hair, we were going out afterward, I had no makeup on, just a little gloss, so the hair needed to behave, right?! I was really just trying to talk myself out of entering the bathroom. After being asked 3 or 4 times I gave in, I was there wasn't I?, I should go and do what I was invited to do. I realize now how close I was to missing out on what was so good for me, and what would offer a life beyond what I could’ve even imagined at that time! It was at the basin that the product spoke (sorry screamed) at me and really woke me up. It was just what my Skin was missing! I noted fragrance immediately, it was a different kind of 'fresh', it felt soft but not greasy and the hydration was so evident it sent shock-waves to my brain. This was clearly something I hadn't related to ever and I needed to listen. The last time my skin felt similar was a month before sitting on the beach in Hawaii where the Pacific had exfoliated my skin. I also cried on that beach, thinking there had to be a better way to experience this abundance of paradise without working every day of your life to maybe just get there one day. My husband called and I recounted the last hour and a half; he told me I had nothing to lose. It was the kind of feeling you get when you try on 'that dress' and you don't need anyone to 'sell' you anything. You just know. It ignited an awareness within me and it felt like the product was me in that bottle. It took me back to that feeling of being a child where I would dream and feel excited and happy. It just felt 'good'. I love how the values that I've used within my business have duplicated to my family. My children have watched, absorbed and mirrored, because they do what they see and not listen to what you say. My husband who has given me huge support from the word go, has been able to nurture his own passion. When you are being fulfilled, it radiates and sprinkles on everyone around you. 6 years on and I have experienced so much growth and abundance with still so much to learn and do. I cannot think of a word that encompasses what has filled the last 6 years. Never would I have thought I could learn and do so much because you don't know what you don't know! Arbonne has a family-oriented feeling about it, I worked with another Swiss Company early in my employment and they shared the same ethos; warm, hard-working and grateful (did I say that this was 'me' in a bottle!) When you gel with something so much you can't understand what it is that makes you feel that certain way or why you are drawn to it; you find this out along the way, it's in the 'why' and how you 'do'. I thank Arbonne for continuing to deliver and astonish me every day with it's results-driven product that has no boundaries and I'm privileged to allow others to experience the same. I get to share with them cutting-edge technology, a discount and great service, we are both gaining and no one is being taken advantage of, I love this in a business; not what we're used to at all! I am surrounded by women who share same - how's that for a support network! Please peruse the website and please let me know how I can serve you. Josie

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