Kara Pfau Area Manager Independent Consultant
After returning to my corporate job from maternity leave I found myself searching for a way to stay at home with my baby while still making money and having a purpose. Arbonne was the vehicle I was looking for and a brilliant business model that allows you to leverage your time and create residual income. I was not a product person, in fact I used Lever soap to wash my face in the shower and as a woman had never used a toner or eye cream!
I quickly fell in love with all of Arbonne products and the way they made my skin feel. I was getting immediate results and compliments on my skin for the first time in 35 years! Arbonne taught me the importance of using pure and safe products on your skin, your largest organ that absorbs ingredients into every organ of your body within minutes. I became very passionate about sharing this knowledge and amazing product line with everyone and quickly built a team and promoted to District Manager and a few years later Area Manager.  
Four years ago I did my first 30 days to healthy living whole foods program with Arbonne and learned that I have a severe intolerance to gluten and other foods. I am forever grateful for this 30 day program that has changed my life as well as allowed me to help change other people's lives for the better.
I am an Occupational Therapist by trade and revel in the joy of helping others reach their true potential and improve their day to day lifestyles by looking better, feeling better and being better versions of themselves. I am also an Accountant and love to teach people how to create an additional income stream, a Plan B, by simply sharing Arbonne products and income attached to the products with others. Arbonne was the perfect vehicle for me, the perfect fit to make a difference in the lives of those around me and the perfect product line; a complete wellness solution inside and out. Arbonne is a world class company with world class leadership and a world class product line that keeps getting better and better each year, 35 years later.
Join me, let me show you how you can switch your brand to a safer, purer and more beneficial product line and if desired, create an income stream while shopping from your own store. Thank you for stopping by!
Be well,  

About Arbonne

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