Kimberly Hoover Consultant Independent Consultant
Welcome to my website and thanks very much for your interest in Arbonne!   I'm Kim Hoover and I am currently a full time paralegal, married to Don for 20 years.   I have been with Arbonne since July 2014.   I never in a million years thought a direct marketing business would be my ticket to a new life, but here I am. It's taken me longer than I expected to get the hang of it, but there is no turning back.
I am originally from Massachusetts. I graduated from high school in 1982 and went straight to secretarial school, graduating from that in 1983. I started working in a business environment from the get-go.   Like most people, I thought I would work for someone else until I retired, with the 9-5 grind, dealing with the commute and taking whatever salary my employer thought I was worth, with no opportunity for advancement.
In 1989, when I was 25, I moved to Washington DC and have been here for almost 30 years, living with my husband in Northern Virginia. I entered the University of the District of Columbia at age 26 to earn my bachelor's degree in English. I graduated from UDC at age 36 in 2001, magna cum laude. I have been working in law firms in different administrative capacities since then, and currently I am an intellectual property paralegal, helping clients in the specialized field of foreign trademarks.
For various reasons, I recently left a job of 18 years and started a new one. However, while the new job is a better environment, it wasn't long before I realized I have "grown out" of being a paralegal and am now ready to assume a leadership position with Arbonne.  
I was introduced to Arbonne at a "Makeup and Muffins" party.   I had never heard of Arbonne up until that time.   After thoroughly enjoying myself at the event, I took the RE9 sample home and tried it that night, since I was curious to see how these products worked.
After a few days, I was amazed to see how my skin had improved, compared to the department store brands I had been using for years.   No matter what I tried, my skin just didn't seem happy.   The counter ladies were very nice, but their job is to ring up sales.   Let's face it, with customers waiting in line at the register, they don't have the time to sit down and figure out exactly what my blotchy skin was craving.
I finally gave up on department store brands and committed to Arbonne, becoming a consultant about 2 years after I started using the products. I jumped in feet first, having no idea what I was doing, but knowing that I needed to be part of it.   I also knew I wanted the time and financial freedom lifestyle that can be had with Arbonne.
In addition to my full time job and Arbonne, I work on behalf of homeless cats in my spare time.
I am changing my life for the better with my Arbonne business.   My "why" is not only to help people save money with products that work, but also show them the way to a new life for themselves and their families.   Join us and be part of this supportive community.   Let Arbonne be your source for pure, safe and beneficial skincare and nutrition!

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