Leslie Hipp Regional VP Independent Consultant
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"No matter where you want to go in life, your success will NEVER out pace your personal development."
By all accounts, I should never have been a network marketing success story.   When Arbonne discovered me, I was working as a technical writer at a computer software company. I had no time for anything extra and I was introverted with a social circle that had zero interest in network marketing. In fact, when I decided to join, I could think of only four people who might be remotely interested in doing the business. I jumped in anyway. A few weeks later, I learned that even those people were not interested!   But I didn’t give up...I set goals, kept my eye on the prize, and today I’m an Arbonne Regional Vice President.   So if I can do it, you can too.
Arbonne came into my life at the perfect time. I was working in Detroit, having been an employee most of my life. My father, who had retired after forty years in the airline industry, had just discovered that his “guaranteed” retirement benefits were being slashed.   It was a distressing time, leaving my parents scrambling to put their retirement puzzle back together again. My parents immediately advised me to get my financial ducks in a row, so I started researching ways to diversify my income.  
"My mission behind everything I do is to INSPIRE. I do this through supporting the development of independent, passionate leaders who are committed to their vision.
One of the New York Times’ best selling books caught my eye and I knew right away that the author’s philosophies about money were spot-on. So when I read that “if he had to make his money all over again, he’d choose networking,” I paid attention.  
That very day I was looking for a company to join, I discovered an Arbonne flyer on my front door.   Was that ever synchronistic! I had never heard of Arbonne, so I instantly looked it up.   When I discovered that it was network marketing, I knew I’d met my match. I jumped in with both feet, fired my boss two years later, and today I enjoy the biggest benefits of being a VP with Arbonne: friends, a generous income, a company car, multiple vacations per year, being officially "unemployable", and most importantly, the experience of personal development, which has completely transformed my life.
Obstacles are opportunities for growth. What I initially thought was my Achilles Heel – being introverted – turned out to be my biggest blessing. It forced me to expand my horizons and engage in personal development. Although the monetary aspects of this business are fantastic, the biggest rewards are born out of the ups and downs of the journey itself, resulting in my personal transformation, freedom of choice, control over my income, and the amazing friendships I now have. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do anything else. If you are reading my story and have obstacles of your own to jumping into an Arbonne business, perhaps those obstacles are your personal opportunities to break through and have the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

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