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Loren Brown Consultant Independent Consultant

"Entrepreneurship can be the new activism. All paths point to helping animals, it's my North Star."

~Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart Owner Vaute Couture


      I was introduced to Arbonne in November of 2009 while coordinating the raffle and silent auction of a large fundraiser for the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.   A friend from high school was donating baskets to auction and samples for all of the goodie bags.   She couldn't believe I had never heard of Arbonne, actually, neither could I.   As someone very involved with animals,   I thought I knew every animal friendly and cruelty free product line out there.     I tried the Arbonne's   RE9 skin care line and became hooked.   Why hadn't I heard of it?   Well, Arbonne isn't sold in stores and they don't spend money to advertise, you find out about it through word of mouth.   

        At first, I had no intention of being anything other than a preferred client; I liked the products, and wanted to purchase them at a discount.   The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense to me to be a consultant.   Why couldn't I have my own business, my own VEGAN business?   I have always striven to tell others about those companies that are tes t on animals. I firmly believe that my dollar speaks volumes.   I don't purchase products from companies I don't believe in or that don't align with my values. Why shouldn't I continue   that practice and make a great income doing it?   

Not only an income, but a
way to increase what I am able to give to my favorite cause.   The day
I became an Arbonne consultant I also vowed to give 25% of every check I earn to my sister’s (Jenny Brown Co-Founder and Director of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary) non-profit.   My donations will help rescue abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals.

      Don't you always tell your friends about the great new restaurant you've tried o
r the bargain you just got?   That is all this is.   Arbonne uses word of mouth to
advertise and market,   when someone believes in it so strongly, they just have to tell you about it. I also know that making others fans of Arbonne it will help bring an awareness of the plight of animals to people who did not have it before. Instead of putting money into advertising, supply chains and storefronts (and the toxic levels of preservatives that allow products to stay there), Arbonne believes their money is better spent by rewarding people who share their products and philosophy   with the people they know.

      The Huffington Post recently had an article called “The Rise of the Entrepreneur Activist”.   In it they say:

Social enterprise -- the merging of profit making businesses with social causes -- presents a very different approach to social change. In the past most changemakers and activists viewed business as the enemy. Today an increasing number view it as a tool to achieve better results and a more practical way to sustain good works over time.

      Arbonne has been providing premium Swiss formulated products for over 3 5 years.   Swiss formulation has always meant prestige and the European guidelines for personal care products are far more stringent than our own FDA.     Arbonne gives us both, while being manufactured in the US.     Arbonne's Nutritional, Weight Loss, Skincare, and Supplements are unparalleled in quality and effectiveness   based on non-toxic safe botanical principle: Pure, Safe, Beneficial and Vegan Certified. Its not only safe-IT WORKS!

Arbonne ® products are vegan-certified: Our formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.   We firmly believe that consumers have a fundamental right to know every ingredient in our products and we will continue to offer full disclosure through our published materials.

Arbonne personal care products are
formulated without:

  •   Animal products or animal by-products
  •   Parabens
  •   Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
  •   The following petroleum-based ingredients:
    •   Benzene
    •   Mineral Oil
    •   Petrolatum
    •   Phthalates
    •   Toluene
  •   PABA

Arbonne nutrition and weight loss products are
formulated without:

  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Animal products
  • Animal by-products
  • Saturated fats
  • Trans fats

    As part of our ongoing commitment to ingredient excellence, we have been successful in replacing parabens by using other safe and effective preservation systems. We have also put into place an ingredient policy to screen out gluten and ingredients that contain GMO.

      We market our products via Network Marketing which is an extremely simple method of marketing which utilizes the triple storm of internet shopping, social networking, and sustaining home based businesses.   In the present economic slump where retailers are closing down due to high cost of rent, Arbonne is positioned to launch into a billion dollar company as WE HAVE NO RENT!   Our products are sold wholesale to consultants. 

All of the products are purchased online and drop shipped to your customer’s home.     You never have to keep an inventory.   But the best thing about this is You decide how much or how little you want from your business.   Maybe just to earn the annual five star vacations...Maybe to make a few hundred dollars a month for extras.   You may, like so many, join for a few extras, and end up with a multi million-dollar business! Ill show you how if that’s your goal!  
        The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it's not just about great products, great income potential with time freedom, it's also about great people. To succeed in this business is to succeed in loving people where they are!   Tenacious, loving, strong, dignified men and women who are centered and "attractive from the inside out" is whom we call not only our team but also our Arbonne FAMILY!
In the nutshell, we educate and love people ~~everything else is up to them!

Contact me if you would like to receive a sample of one our products!


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