Natalie Van Dalen District Manager Independent Consultant

Welcome!   My name is Natalie Van Dalen.   I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and I am so happy you dropped by to visit my new site.

Since 2012 I have had the pleasure of owning my own business with Arbonne - the most incredible global company that provides health, wellness and personal care products.   The Arbonne Promise is Pure Safe & Beneficial and has proudly stood for quality products for 37 years . Arbonne products are free of harmful ingredients readily found in products we put in and on our body daily.

Prior to Arbonne I earned my MBA and worked in several finance and strategy positions. While I enjoyed many rewarding years, ultimately, the schedule stopped serving our household as our family and my husband’s travel schedule expanded.   I was introduced to Arbonne a year after I left the traditional workforce.   Not only were the anti-aging and nutrition products some of the best I had ever used but I also saw the value in the business model immediately.   I was attracted to the opportunity that would allow me to earn an income but do so on my terms and in a way that would benefit the people that matter most to me.  

Now I have a career with more flexibility and choices.   I am my own boss while enjoying endless support from:

Working from home allows me time freedom to pursue my passions while being present for my husband and two children. I'm also helping people dream again, get healthy and find financial freedom. I love what I do!
If you'd like to do what I do - or simply learn whether Arbonne may be a fit for you - I'd be thrilled to share how Arbonne is changing lives and allowing people to live their lives by design, not default.
I hope you find something here that inspires you - whether it's our incredible products or our life changing business opportunity.   Click Get in Touch to learn more about hosting/attending an event, purchasing products or joining my team.

To your health!

Contact Info:
(cell) 773.425.6784
Consultant ID #12739842  

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