Nicole Russell Exec District Manager Independent Consultant
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Hi, I'm Nicole Russell, an Arbonne Independent Consultant living in North Carolina.   When I was introduced to Arbonne, our family was adjusting to life with twin boys.   We had just been told that our babies may have some special challenges, so our focus was learning how to care for our family.   My friend and co-worker said these products were amazing and that we could build a business together.   Let me try them first, I said.

I knew nothing about skincare, had no selling skills or selling experience, and no desire to start a business.   Network Marketing and home based businesses, to me, were for people who didn't have anything else better to do...was there really money to be made?   I saw this opportunity as a hobby rather than a multi-million dollar business.

What would people think of me, why is she promoting "living room" products...could these living room products make a difference in our family's life?   We did not have a lot of money or knowledge about starting a business; however, when I used the products, it did not take long to realize they could sell themselves...the vision of doing this business was not there YET. Many consultants had built their businesses with greater life challenges than mine...if they could do it, so could I.

Because my twins were diagnosed with an auto immune disorder (ASD) at an early age, my husband and I knew the importance of having Pure, Safe and Beneficial products for our bodies and our skin.   Teaching others about toxins, unwanted chemicals and additives in our current food supply became my passion.   We also needed to be present with our family and what better way to do that than partner with Arbonne, grow personally, and pay it forward.   We realized this is a business that can help many people, not just my family.   Time and financial freedom were not just for the lucky ones.

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I remove toxins, smooth out their wrinkles and plump up their pocketbooks!   We teach you how to change your brand by purchasing products you already use - at a discount - and turn expenses into income.   Our family has experienced tax savings, we can WILL this business to our family and   save for college and retirement.   The company car, a white Mercedes Benz, will be in my driveway by December 31st of this year!

Are you willing to explore the possibility of finding opportunities instead of obstacles that allow you to create the life of your dreams?   If the idea of owning your own business makes you sweat, don't worry - that's just your fat cells crying!   I can help you with that too!

Your Golden Lottery ticket awaits - are you ready to cash it in?   Let's leave the world in a better place than we found it today.

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