Nicole Sanchez Area Manager Independent Consultant
Mobile Phone (208) 949-1740
Thank you for taking a look at Arbonne! My name is Nicole and I have been with Arbonne for 8 years now! Time has flown by while I am enjoying this fabulous journey! When you love what you do you never work another day of your life.  
When I first moved to Idaho, I was dealing with adult acne and very dry skin. My husband, Victor, who is chiropractor of 35 years, encouraged me to find great skin care and to take lots of antioxidants. When I discovered Arbonne, it was a perfect fit. I have 5 kids all living at home and needed to contribute to the family income while still being flexible and available for all of the kids. The products work incredibly well and my husband felt good about all the ingredients. As a doctor, he had always told women not to wear make up since they were poisoning themselves. I don't think he ever convinced one woman to quit wearing make up ;) Needless to say, Arbonne took care of all these needs for my family.
Prior to Arbonne, I had never had a passport and now I have earned many wonderful trips and given my kids some of their best memories ever! I love my team and the friendships and relationships that I have formed since I started Arbonne. I knew nobody when I moved to Idaho and through giving out samples and getting names and numbers of people, I have created beautiful friendships. I truly love the focus on personal growth and giving back. Who you become on this journey is priceless!  
What will you do with your time, gifts and talents when money is no longer an issue? If you had unlimited time and money, what would you do with your life? If you don't change what you are doing now, where will you be in 5 years? And, if your primary source of income stopped right now, how long could your family pay the bills? These questions really got me thinking and now I am building Arbonne to leave a legacy for my family and to help and serve as many people as I possibly can.
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Nicole Sanchez (208)949-1740  

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