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Live a life by design – a life of choices, not compromises!

"Olga Naumovski of Sydney, New South Wales was always someone who wanted it all.   She dreamed of having a successful career while still being able to raise a family and enjoy a fulfilled life.   But after 13 years in the corporate world, Olga realised that she was struggling to get the right balance between work, family and life – until she found Arbonne"

When a dear friend Keti Whitmee introduced me to Arbonne, I was juggling family commitments and a corporate career in the financial services industry.   Keti invited me to an Arbonne workshop and although my first reaction was, no thank you, I decided to attend.   I onl y purchased products to be a supportive friend, but within a few weeks my skin started to look and feel better – I loved them.   Although the products were fantastic, I never once thought the business opportunity would suit someone with my corporate background, education, and income expectations – I just assumed that it was no more than a hobby business

Not long after I attended Keti's workshop, my twin girls started Kindergarten, and I found myself in a constant state of stress and imbalance.   My corporate job was somewhat flexible however, even though I was physically present with my kids, I rarely felt emotionally present.   I quickly realised that family is more important, so my husband and I decided that I would resign from my corporate role and see where life took me

Well, one of the first cards that life handed me was an invitation to another Arbonne workshop - the event that literally changed my life. Keti's sponsor, ERVP Sally O'Brien, began talking about the potential to replace your corporate income through Arbonne all while earning vacations and a Mercedes.   This image of flexible work hours and rich uncapped rewards captured my attention, and I realised I needed to learn more.   A few days later I had a coffee with Sally and she shared with me the details of the business.   It all made absolute sense - consumable high quality products, a booming health and wellness industry, time leverage, residual income - I said yes on the spot.   My biggest fear in life is having regrets and I knew if I said no to Arbonne, that I would look back in years to come and watch others live the life that I wanted – so I said yes and started my Arbonne journey

A key factor for my success has been personal development.   Once I understood the importance of personal growth, my business turned a corner.   Your Arbonne business will only be as big as you, if you want a higher level of success work on yourself first and the rest will follow

Another element to my success was keeping it simple.   Our simple system gives everyone a platform for success.   If you follow it, you are coachable, and you have an unwavering vision, then anything is possible

My drive to succeed comes from wanting the absolute best for my family, they deserve to have a life of choices and a life without comprises.   This is what Arbonne provides us

Arbonne is a team business and there are many people that I would like to acknowledge:

  • Thank you to the head office staff for supporting us in our Arbonne journeys
  • To my dear friend Keti, thank you for saying yes to this incredible business.   You have led me to the point that brought me home to my daughters and given me an opportunity to create a life by design.   The fact we get to work together and share so many wonderful experiences with our families is priceless.   Thank you
  •   To my team - I love working alongside you and inspiring you.   To my dear friend, Area Manager Jackie Biceski, your passion is second to none, your energy is infectious, and your success is unlimited.   To my District Managers Melanie Reed, Jo Hurst, Marcia Ward, Alisa Siale, Stacey Mastroianni, Gina Bernard-Tambasco, Katie Shields, Anke Snyman and to all the consultants in my organisation, each and every one of you has the potential to create greatness.   Be focused, be consistent and dream big my future VPs
  • To my mentors, ERVP Sally O'Brien, NVP Laura Harry, and ENVP Dana Collins; I am blessed to have you in my life coaching me and guiding me to success.   And to my sideline sisters and VP friends, thank you for sharing your journey with me
  • To my precious daughters, Gabi and Amelia.   You are both the light in my life, you make me so happy and I look forward to continuing to watch you both grow and being a part of your life.   I am the luckiest Mama in the world - two beautiful, smart, caring girls that will have a positive impact on the world
  •   To my husband Steve, I love you.   You have been my number one supporter from Day 1 and have always had 100% confidence in what I can do with my Arbonne business.   If you weren't by my side, I'm unsure if I'd be where I am today

Finally to anyone considering the business: Arbonne is a gift.   Have the confidence to say yes and share the products and business with everyone you come across.   If I didn’t go to that Arbonne Workshop I don’t believe I would have the freedom, flexibility and choices that I do today.

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