Pix Jonasson Exec District Manager Independent Consultant
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I am a single Mum of two gorgeous young adults, my son, Sam, and my daughter, Katie. I have my own communications/marketing/speaking business which I absolutely love. BUT...a savvy businesswoman and close friend, Sam, had a coffee with me and over our friendly chat, she asked me a few key questions
1. Where did I want to be in 5 years time?
2. Doing what I was currently doing, would I get there?  
And the kicker...
3. If something happened to the main income earner (aka me!) where would our family be?
This made me realise that I needed to do something about it!
She then painted a wonderful vision of what my dream life could actually be like.

I had no idea this would come in the form of a social marketing business, something I thought I would NEVER get back into. It wasn't really the biz that caught my attention at first, rather the PURE...SAFE...BENEFICIAL products. Initially it was Katie who tried and fell in love with the anti-acne range. Later, I tried the RE9, Arbonne's flagship anti-ageing range (which is clinically proven to be the #1 anti-ageing product on the market!) and I also fell in love with it.
I thought I knew all about Social Marketing. How wrong I was.

Once I did my research I just had to get involved.

This business is MORE than I ever thought possible. It is a gift...a personal development program wrapped in Arbonne packaging.   And I would be selfish not to share this wonderful gift.

All we do is simply redirect our spend, turning our health and wellness expenses into an income. We stop buying from other shops, start buying from our own 24 hour a day international online shop and teach and train others exactly how to do the same.

This is truly a global health and wellness business. From the inside out. Skincare, Cosmetics, Nutrition. All consumable products.

Arbonne delivers results and has given me better skin and better health in addition to giving me hope and drive for the future. I am now fulfilling a long held dream of mine - building a business with my family. Katie has now become a Consultant and together we are building an incredible global business together!! Mumma Bear and Mini Me positively impacting people....one at a time. Our goal is to travel the world together and leave a generational legacy.

This amazing business is more than products. It is giving me financial and time freedom, allowing me to have more control of my life. I can now be more...do more...have more!!!

What if it doesn't work? I challenge you....What if it DOES work?

You have nothing to lose. Nothing.

I welcome you to join us on this wonderful journey ;-)

Dream BIG. Go on. I dare you!


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