Stephanie Hatherley Regional VP Independent Consultant
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In August 2010 I was working part time as an outpatient physical therapist and was otherwise home with my 5 year-old and 21   month-old boys. I loved being a physical therapist and had worked very hard to earn my Master’s Degree and   establish myself as a skilled and respected clinician. I also loved being a mom and a wife. My husband’s job enabled me to work only 2 days in the clinic, but they were long, often eleven-hour days so that we could optimize our daycare dollars. I was exhausted!   I was living the life that I had expected to live—my husband and I worked very hard so we could afford to live in our first home in a great town and raise our sons.   I was not, however, living the life that I had dreamed about. Were we able to save for two college educations? Could we see a way to afford our forever home in a quiet and safe neighborhood? Did we have enough money for any extras without asking for help? Were we in a situation where we could survive on our savings if something were to happen to our source of income? Was I willing to work more hours in the clinic in exchange for more income and less time with my children? The answer to all of these questions was: absolutely not! I had no idea that there was any other option, so I had come to accept our situation. I had settled.

Thank goodness Arbonne found me. My friend (now ERVP) Karen Crum called me and left a couple of voicemails that I never got around to returning because I was so busy. She kept calling, until I was finally home and answered the phone. She told me about the business she had been doing with Arbonne and where it was taking her and her family.   I must have been in an exceptionally open-minded mood that day, because I listened to what she was saying without my typical cynicism surrounding “those kinds of things.” She educated me about the industry of Network Marketing, Arbonne’s commitment to being Pure, Safe and Beneficial, the concept of selling consumable products that everyone can use, and the incredible income potential with this part-time business opportunity.   What on Earth did I have to lose? This was the opportunity I had been looking for, I just never knew enough to look for it! I jumped into this business without ever trying a single product and have not once looked back.


Building a business with Arbonne has been the single best decision I have ever made for the future of my family.   We have started to dream, and we now have a plan for all of those “absolutely not’s.”   I have been able to cut back to two short days in the clinic and continue to love being a physical therapist, but I am now home more to enable us to have family dinners, to attend sports and after-school activities, to volunteer in my son’s school and the community, and to take the control back in our lives. The financial piece has been incredible, and continues to make a remarkable impact in our lives.   However, it is the personal piece that I feel has changed me forever. This truly is a personal development company disguised as skincare.   Because I had never aspired to open my own physical therapy clinic, I just figured being a business owner wasn’t for me. Through Arbonne, I have discovered strength, perseverance, leadership and entrepreneurialism that I never knew existed in myself.   I attribute these discoveries entirely to the culture that embodies Arbonne. It’s the unwavering commitment to excellence, optimism, world-class thinking and support that have defined my personal growth into the very best version of myself.

The success that I have had with Arbonne has not been achieved in a bubble. It started with the fundamental belief in me and unconditional support offered by my family. It has extended to the team of exceptional individuals who believed in me, and themselves, enough to say “yes” and join my team.   If you are looking at starting a business with Arbonne, or are already building one, my advice is to believe in yourself and just keep going, it is so worth it!

About Arbonne

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