Yvie Johnson Consultant Independent Consultant
Hello, it's great to meet you here at Arbonne International. I'm Yvie, I have been an Arbonne Independent Consultant since May 2013.
My background is diverse; a mother-of-three with career roles from bilingual secretary, creative director, assistant designer, and police officer to illustrator, mental health blogger, and photographer. Equally, through my work, I strive to understand what it takes to live as healthily as possible.

Sometimes this includes going out on a limb to make a difference, such as running the length of the UK twice to raise awareness of mental illness, or making informed choices in my food, wellness routine and skincare. If I can remain altruistic I know I can ground myself during the tougher times.

This is where my Arbonne business gives me the encouragement and support to live by example, often reminding me to review my choices: are they ethical?  

My reasons for building my business are sincerely about helping others through the mediums that I hold dear ;
exercise nutrition mental health feeling good about yourself making positive changes leaving the world a better place for you being in it

All of the commission received from my clients' purchases are forwarded to the fundraising campaign that I am undertaking for the year, and for 2018 this is Young Minds — t he mental health charity for children and young people—in addition to using Arbonne for my own use, I will be making use of the PhytoSport as I take on five multi-sport endurance events across Wales.
The reasons for this can be found at my adventure website at

We are all on a journey to understanding how we are connected to this planet, how we are connected to each other, and it feels important to me that we should try to keep these elements in mind when considering how we live and grow.

For myself, between the highs and lows of my own exercise, nutrition and wellbeing regimens, it is not a coincidence that I discovered Arbonne's products and its benefits. When I needed it, this ethical company manifested. It was also at a time when I needed the personal development which allowed me to be well again, and continues to be that anchor as it is truly a company encouraging me to become the best version of myself, for a healthier and safer future.                                                        

By its very nature as a Networking Marketing business, I discovered a company that treats its colleagues fairly, and completely without discrimination. Arbonne really is a company leading the way for our only planet.                                                                                                                                                                

For any questions please get in touch.
Thank you for your support!
Yvie x

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