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Model Citizen
As a child, I lived in a car behind a pizza restaurant on and off with my mother. It wasn’t easy, but nothing could stop me from dreaming. A lot of my drive came from my mother’s belief in me, leading to successes in the world of acting, modeling and fashion photography. Yet growing up on welfare and surviving Life Before Arbonne meant I was still fearful I would never really figure out who I wanted to be when I grew up. Then one day on a photo shoot, a model’s mother gave me an Arbonne sample packet to try and I knew I’d found something special that would ultimately change my family’s life.

I finally love who I am becoming. I get to wake up each and every day knowing the time I spend here in this life is making a significant impact. That’s the legacy I wish my children to understand, and that I share with teens through the Arbonne Charitable Foundation.
Occupation: Arbonne Independent Consultant, Executive National Vice President; Kansas, United States

Greatest Transformation: From growing up on welfare and surviving stints living in a car with my mom — to winning Mrs. Kansas United States 2011.

Passion Project: Producing a documentary to raise awareness about impoverished children.

Biggest Thrill: Giving the next generation the keys to success — and maybe even a Mercedes-Benz!

Transformational Product Tip: Apply your moisturizer with SPF all the way down your neck.

Pure Transformation Is:
Taking off your mask to be authentically you.
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